Women’s Perspective of Erectile Dysfunction

Men suffer from erectile dysfunction, both emotionally and physically, but at the same time, the disease deprives their partners of intimacy. Women don’t experience the direct impact, but as a secondary victim of impotence, they feel responsible. But in reality, self-blame only worsens the problem. Women are a key factor in helping their man overcome impotence and preserving the relationship

Lack of education about erectile dysfunction (ED) leads women to view impotence as a sexual issue. One of their first thoughts is that their partner no longer sees them as attractive. It’s her fault when a man can’t get an erection. But nothing could be further from the truth.

At certain points in their lives, all men experience some level of problems with maintaining an erection. The truth is, the common causes are stress, depression, or undiagnosed physical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. If the problem becomes chronic, a diagnosis of ED is made.

Unfortunately, the increasing anxiety, feelings of anger when the problem occurs, only complicates the situation. Couples stop communicating in all aspects of their relationship. That’s the main barrier that must be overcome, to put things back on track. Experts say that silent treatment only worsens the problem for both partners.

Turning into a Nymphomaniac isn’t the Answer

Females are at a crossroads in this situation, pulling back is not helpful, but trying harder only brings more anxiety. Many women leave their partners to deal with the problem by themselves. Others take a more aggressive approach, believing that more eroticism in the bedroom will solve the problem. Experts say both approaches only make things worse.

Parading through the house dressed only in Victoria’s Secret underwear, will just put more pressure, not alleviate his condition. Making more arduous attempts at making love, isn’t going to matter either, because this problem isn’t related to being turned on. The harder a woman tries on the physical side, the worse it will be for the man. It’s one of those situations where less is more.

Treat Your Man as Your Best Friend

Experts agree that the most important thing to remember is that it’s not about you. Feelings of rejection are a hurdle. Acknowledge the problem exists and start communicating about it.

Discuss things outside of the bedroom. Don’t wait for the moment erectile dysfunction manifests in the bedroom, but a few days later. Choose the appropriate time to address the problem. Calmly discussing the feeling and share words of encouragement. Showing compassion and not judging him will be a productive step. It should be treated as any other non-life threatening issues in your relationship.

Some men prefer to go the treatment route alone, others welcome the support of their partner. Psychologists advise women to offer their physical presents during the consultations with doctors. In that way, they will not just support her partner, but educate herself on the problem and be better else to contribute to resolving the situation. The importing thing is not to insist, but to leave the decision to the man.

Experts say it is important, to convey to him the message, that you have enjoyed the physical part of your relationship. That you miss that form of closeness, and that together you can find a solution. Be warm, and friendly, in other words, treat your man as your best friend. Let him know that you care about him.

Time for Sexual Experimentation

One thing you don’t want to do is tell him that his impotence doesn’t matter. It sends a message that you don’t miss the sexual side of your relationship. The recommended approach is to experiment in the bedroom. Find alternative ways to remain intimate.

Many women are used to their partner being the initiator, experts say it’s time for a role-reversal. There are lots of ways to be sexual, your imagination is the limit. If one strategy becomes difficult, then change course, explore things you can do with each other that are exciting.

Man don’t want their masculinity questioned, so it may take a while to convince him to see a doctor. Depending on the cause, treatments can show results very quickly. Medications like Viagra, have a proven history in resolving the problem. The key is to get to the root of the problem. Define is it physical or psychological.

Whatever it takes, don’t stop communicating. Put your physical relationship on hold, while you focus on the emotional aspect. Women need to get in touch with their nurturing side and follow those instincts. If she can manage to not feel wounded by ED, she’ll know what to do and say to keep that communication going and the intimacy alive.

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