Why Poxet 90mg is a good treatment for erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation

Poxet 90 mg, which is classified as a short-acting selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), was created expressly to treat this problem. When given 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse, it may be effective at the initial dose (ie, on demand), and its side effect profile is comparable to that of other SSRIs. Poxet 90 mg is approved in a number of nations but not in the United States at the moment. Poxet 90 mg was found to be beneficial and generally well tolerated in a trial of males with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction who were on phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) medication. However, up to 90% of patients discontinue Poxet 90 mg for a variety of reasons, the most common being side effects, expense, and unsatisfactory efficacy.

There is no consensus on the appropriate medical treatment strategy for premature ejaculation. In some males, single dose prior to sexual interactions may be sufficient, however in others, as in the treatment of clinical depression, it may be necessary to achieve and maintain a target blood level through regular pharmaceutical use.

Clearly, when single dose is successful, therapy is simplified and associated with fewer unpleasant effects. As a result, this may be the ideal starting strategy. If necessary, the dose may be gradually increased until the desired therapeutic effect is obtained or the maximum daily recommended dose is reached. There is no set timeline for dose increases; the physician’s experience, the patient’s reaction, the unpleasant effects observed by the patient, and other general medical concerns should be the guiding factors.

If the patient’s initial SSRI proves ineffective, it is certainly fair to attempt a second drug. However, if the second option fails, a third option is unlikely to provide any benefit. As with depression treatment, if a patient has been taking the maximum dose of a medicine for six weeks without improvement, the likelihood of a longer course of therapy with that drug is limited.

There is no reason why medication cannot be used with behavioral change, desensitizing creams, or both; the use of many concurrent treatments can have additive or even synergistic effects. If all other treatments fail, the patient is left with the following options:

  • To consult with another health care practitioner if he so desires
  • To accept that his disease is incurable with present therapeutic alternatives.

Long-term SSRI use has considerable adverse effects that should be evaluated by both the physician and the patient. Among these harmful consequences are the following:

  • Psychiatric and neurologic consequences
  • Dermatologic reactions
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Drug interactions
  • Other sexual side effects besides delayed ejaculation (eg, erectile dysfunction or loss of libido)

Additionally, caution should be used while changing SSRIs; a washout period is required to prevent overdosing. SSRI discontinuance syndrome has been associated with dose reduction or discontinuation and might manifest as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, headache, gait instability, lethargy, agitation, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Poxet 90mg

What is the mechanism of action of Poxet 90 mg?

Poxet 90mg elevates the brain’s serotonin levels. Serotonin supplementation inhibits the body’s pathway to premature ejaculation (PE), prolonging the time required for ejaculation by three to four times. Sexual stimulation stimulates sensory nerve cells in the spinal cord, which transmits nerve impulses to the brain when it exceeds a particular threshold. It subsequently transmits the sensation to the neurons that regulate the penile muscles, which contract in response to ejaculation. HE is caused by decreased levels of serotonin in specific parts of the brain.

How should Poxet 90 mg be taken?

Take these tablets as directed by your doctor. Consume the entire tablet with water. Avoid chewing or crushing the tablet. This tablet should be swallowed with food.


Avoid alcoholic beverages when taking Poxet 90mg pills. Once daily, this tablet should be taken. If you miss a dosage, schedule it as soon as you remember. When the next dose is due, skip the prior dose. Taking two dosages at the same time can be detrimental to your health. Consult your physician promptly if you suspect an overdose.

Utilization of Poxet 90mg

Ejaculations That Are Too Early

Poxet 90mg is used to treat men aged 18 to 64 years who experience premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a frequently seen sexual issue. This is when a man erupts in the absence of sexual stimulus and prior to desire. It has been known to produce issues in men and with s*x.

Poxet 90mg by Sunrise can help you ejaculate more slowly and with more control. This will alleviate your irritation or increase your anxiety about the rate at which you ejaculate. Additionally, poxet 90mg can boost your satisfaction with s*x.

Final thoughts

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