Vilitra – What Is It?

Vilitra 20 mg is an ED treatment that restores your capacity to exercise vigorously. Although Vilitra 20 mg is not a permanent ED treatment, it is a medication that provides around 5 hours of active period during which you may have stronger and firmer erections at any moment.

Vilitra 20 mg tablets include the generic ingredient Vardenafil, which may temporarily block the effect of PDE-5 hormone suppressing hormones, restoring your capacity to grow erect.

Concerning Vilitra 20 mg

Vilitra 20 mg is a medication that enables a guy suffering from erectile dysfunction to get hard and have sex. The medicine is quite popular among a variety of brand names that all include the generic ingredient.

This tablet, which contains the maximum dose of generic Vilitra, is recommended for those who suffer from mild to moderate ED.

Drugs should be used, but only after consulting with physicians.

Vilitra 20 mg manufacturer

Centurion Laboratories is a pharmaceutical firm with a well-established reputation and expanding confidence not only in the home Indian market, but also in international markets for its ED medications such as Vilitra 20 mg and other medications.

Thus, there is little question that some of its medications are sold to other nations throughout the globe for the benefit of the company’s many millions of worldwide patients.

Vilitra 20 mg Strength and Dosage

Vilitra 20 mg tablets provide an equal amount of generic Vardenafil in the form of 20 mg. Although this is by far the most important element in the tablets, it is not the only one.

Other components such as vitamins, folic acid, and even trace amounts of herbal compounds such as Ginseng are included in this ED tablet.

While the 20 mg dosage of Vilitra is the most often prescribed, it is not the only dose available, and while this may be a benefit for certain individuals, it is equally important to determine your dose carefully after talking with your doctor.

Vilitra 20mg Usage

Vardenafil is a medication that assists patients in achieving more durable erections. Additionally, this is a medication that assists you in maintaining your erections for a longer period of time, essentially curing you of something called softer erections.

You may utilize the tablets to get a stronger erection, but this is only noticeable when the penis is stimulated orally or manually.

Bear in mind that Vilitra 20mg is not a medicine that enhances sexual performance. It prevents you from lying on the bed for an extended period of time.

How should Vilitra 20 mg be taken?

As they are oral tablets, they must be eaten down your throat.

Bear in mind that you may take the tablets at any time throughout the day, but the optimal time would be around 30 to 45 minutes before to going to bed to have sex.

There are also minimal dietary adjustments required, save for a few foods that strongly contradict generic Vardenafil Citrate, but we will list them in the section below on contradictions.

Vilitra 20 mg mechanism of action

Vardenafil’s suppressive effects begin immediately once it is initiated.

Once the PDE-5 hormones are totally suppressed, another hormone, cGMP, is secreted. When this hormone is present in sufficient concentrations, the vasodilatory effects of nitric oxide on the tissues and blood vessels begin.

This generally results in a flood of blood coursing through the veins and filling the penile tissues.

After stimulating the penis, obtaining a firm erection is nearly automatic.


Vilitra 20 mg dose is highly dependent on the patient’s general compatibility. Additionally, it is very dependent on the severity of your ED situation.

Consult your physician to prevent situations such as overdosage and contraindications.

Generally, when delivering a dosage of a PDE-5 inhibitor for the first time, you should not begin with a higher dose. Begin with a modest dosage and gradually increase it until you find the optimal dose.

How long should Vilitra 20 mg be taken

This is not a question to contemplate.

What you need to be extra careful about is emphasizing any unpleasant experiences you have after taking the tablets, as well as any positive benefits that come to your attention. 

Vilitra 20 mg missed dosage

Missing a dosage of Vilitra 20 mg might result in a rapid interruption of the medication, resulting in an abnormally high level of generic Vardenafil in your body.

This will hinder you from achieving the ideal erection outcomes. Ensure that you continue to take your medications regularly and prevent instances of missing doses.

Vilitra 20 mg Inconsistency

Several contraindications include the use of alcohol, narcotics, or excessive grape juice.

Additionally, you must abstain from the following pharmaceutical substances:

  • Nitrate-containing medicines
  • Blood pressure-lowering pills
  • Other ED medications
  • Anti-HIV and anti-AIDS medications

When should Vilitra 20mg not be used?

Under the following situations, you are not to use a Vilitra 20mg pill:

  • If you are predisposed to an adverse reaction to generic Vardenafil
  • Due to your extreme proclivity for booze and narcotic medications,
  • When you are using any medications that are incompatible with one another for the treatment of serious problems

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