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Returns & Refund

We are unable to offer refunds, except when or one of it’s affiliated practitioners has made an error with your order.

By law, pharmacies are not allowed to accept the return of medicines once they have left the premises.

At, we have designed a simple process for refunds and returns. Please carefully read all of the information provided below, to determine whether you qualify for a refund or return, should you require to do so. Our return policy is contingent on the following conditions:

  • The product you received was not what you ordered.
  • Poor quality and not up to par with our quality standards promised you.
  • The product you purchased Is in some way damaged, broken, or if there are missing items or parts upon arrival.

Return Policy

If you qualify for a return, due to circumstances as listed above, alert customer support.

Once you are in contact with our customer support you will be required to provide the necessary information for us to verify your order and valid evidence of failed shipment, quality issues, damage or missing items from your order.

If you qualify for a return you will be expected to do so within 7 working days. Our customer support will assist you throughout this process.

NB: We will be unable to process the return once the customer has made use of the contents of the shipment.

Refund Policy

The same conditions apply to refunds as to returns. If your order qualifies for a refund, you are advised to contact customer support and return the shipment within 7 working days.

Once we receive it, your refund will be processed. reserves the right to issue a partial or full refund at its discretion. This may vary from case to case dependent on individual circumstances.

You are required to sign up in order to use our website. Please be certain that all the information you enter is correct. We are unable to issue a refund if your personal information is incorrect. In such instances we will not be liable for non-delivery for issuing a refund.

We recommend contacting customer support immediately, if you discover errors in the shipping address. You are required to do so within 24 hours of placing your order.

Once the order has been verified and shipped you will no longer qualify for a refund.

Chargeback Policy will not accept chargebacks. We resolve all matters regarding orders, through our customer support. In the event of a chargeback from a customer, we reserve the right to ban said customer from using this website, as well as other websites in our network of pharmacies.

WARNING: Cybercrime is a punishable offense and will be dealt with severely.

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Please contact our Customer Support team with any questions you may have pertaining to refunds or returns

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