COVID-19 Causes Erectile Dysfunction

It may be a trivial thing in a pandemic with global health, economic, and social consequences. But erectile dysfunction could be a possible problem for Covid-19 survivors. Considering the high contagion rates of the virus, impotence is a worrying thought for a large number of men.

The pandemic that put the world on lockdown, is still given doctors new challenges to overcome. Though, the majority of infected recover quickly from the virus, health care workers are now focusing their attention on the possible long-term outcomes of the disease. Hidden in the shadows of the coronavirus pandemic is a new health concern for men of all ages! Experts are claiming that survivors of coronavirus, might encounter difficulty in getting an erection.

The connection between the virus and erectile dysfunction is not a naive one. Respiratory complications are not the only issue encountered by patients. Long-term effects on the vascular system have been observed, in a large number of patients. Covid-19 is also classified as infectious vasculitis. In other words, it’s an infection that affects the blood vessels. And to put that into context, erectile dysfunction is a condition caused by vascular problems in men.

The Virus Infiltrates the Reproductive Organ

The experience in treating millions of patients has shown that Covid-19 can cause inflammation in the heart and vascular tissue. So it’s no surprise when some reports came out, that men that have had the virus, have experienced erectile dysfunction.

Everything that affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system, affects the blood supply to the penis. But this can be described as a secondary byproduct of the infection. A new worrying fact that has come to light. Some of the receptors the virus uses to get into the cells are present in the male reproductive organ. Especially the testicles where it can reduce the production of the hormone testosterone. In turn that can lead to problems with maintaining an erection.

What’s the Evidence?

The medical literature last year has been overloaded by articles about novel viral infection. To say it’s a challenge to analyze all the publications, and find studies that report how many Covid-19 survivors are facing long-term erectile dysfunction is an understatement. Regardless, an article published last year in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation reports that impotence is a possibility.

Evidence suggests that the coronavirus can affect the inner lining of the blood vessels. The infection may trigger a chemical reaction in the body, that might cause endothelial dysfunction. Such dysfunction will interfere with blood flow, leading to a cascading effect.

Surprisingly the virus can have the opposite result, and lead to erections lasting hours. There is one case, reported in July last year, of a man who suffered an erection lasting four hours. Before you think that’s great news, the condition was caused by blood clots. In medical terms, the condition is known as ischemic priapism, in which blood can’t leave the penis. A medical emergency, because oxygen is not circulated and it can result in tissue damage.

The most convincing evidence has been obtained, from autopsies of 12 Covid-19 patients. The results of the examination confirmed the speculation that the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus may result in inflammation of the testicles. The data was presented in a publication of the journal European Urology. The investigation showed a significant reduction in the number of Leydig cells in the testicles of the deceased, that were examined. The function of Leydig cells in the production of testosterone. A decreased number of cells means lower levels of testosterone. And that translates into problems with erections.

Ways to Safeguard the Libido

The old saying goes something like this: “It’s better to prevent it than to cure it”. It might seem funny, but wearing a mask can be a solution for protecting your sexual potency. Experts say the best way to prevent the potential long-term consequences is to avoid getting infected.

The recommendation is clear and easy to follow. When in public spaces, wear a mask, keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other people, frequently wash your hands.

But if the preventive measures fail and you get infected, then all is not lost. Doctors are confident that the side effects, especially the decline in your potential in the bedroom, can be reversed with medication.

Erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition. The list of the possible solution includes Kamagra, Cialis, Viagra, and Cenforce. All of the mentioned have a good track record. But we advise you to consult with a physician before you take any medication.

The psychological trauma of having a viral infection can also affect libido. The stress that comes with economic uncertainty and isolation contributes to the erosion of social networks.

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